View on 5th
  • 146,377 Gross Square Feet
  • 5 Stories
  • 50 Units
  • 176 Beds
  • 7,800 SF Retail
  • 2700 SF Interior Amenities
Gibson Flats

The Gibson features a warm material palette of corrugated metal and weathered standing seam panels, which highlights the white steel and glas of its accompanying jewel box restaurant.

As you move away from the street, the building sinuously wraps itself between five protected Live Oak trees rooted to the site. Meanwhile, the existing topography provides a forty foot fall, allowing the building to marry itself to the landscape.

  • 208,893 SF
  • 202 Units
  • 232 Bedrooms
  • 4000 SF restaurant and retail space
  • Client: Ardent Residential
Pointe on Rio

Two exterior courtyards have been carved out of the heart of the residential levels providing light to the dwelling units and creating two distinct outdoor rooms – an active court with a pool and a quiet garden court.

The building exterior is marked by the break in convention from standard sized fixed windows. Instead, all openings are eight foot high sliding glass doors. Warmth is introduced via the rhythmic shifting of high-density composite wood panels.

  • 177,032 SF
  • 4,740 SF Amenities
  • 6 stories
  • 122 Units
  • 321 Bedrooms
  • Client: Rolling Cash Ventures and Skyline

Rise is located on a steep hillside at the northern edge of Austin’s flourishing high rise residential district. Due to multiple Capitol View Corridors, an adjacent national historic landmark and multiple zoning height limitations, the design team proposed essentially to illustrate these constraints using a series of distinct volumes cladded in various materials, including white stucco, corrugated weathering steel and perforated steel.

  • 213,731 SF
  • 14,630 SF Accessory and Amenities
  • 22 Stories
  • 200 Units
  • 253 Bedrooms
  • Client: Aspen Heights
Seven Rio

Radiating through downtown Austin are thirty protected views of the historic Texas State Capitol known as Capitol View Corridors. Seven’s unique site, located along the Lamar Boulevard Bridge Capitol View Corridor, provided the opportunity to design a dynamic building defined by both its massing and use of materials.

  • 234,493 SF
  • Client: Monogram Residential and CWS Capital Partners
University House Austin

The design of the building was conceived as a linearly organized residential tower set atop a low plinth that functions as a parking garage. The tower is lifted up off the plinth and set atop splaying columns providing for dynamic interior and exterior spaces that serve as the building’s amenities.

  • 327,199 Square Feet
  • 188 Units
  • 504 Bedrooms
The Catherine

The Catherine features a two tone brick exterior softened by massarunduba wood siding at the balconies. The concrete skeleton is intentionally exposed in several locations and highlighted at the cantilevered roof. The unusual shape of the site posed a major design challenge for parking but allowed for the tower to take an organic form based on the surrounding views.

  • 320,000 Square Feet
  • 390 Bedrooms
  • 300 Units
The Independent

For the Independent, Rhode Partners rejected the cookie-cutter feeling of identical inset balconies and window mullions typical of residential high rises for a facade inspired by Austin’s bold and dynamic spirit. The movement between the building’s tiers represents life and action, an outward reflection of the lifestyle the team is creating in the interior of the building as well as with the surrounding community.

  • 1,002,000 Square Feet on 1.76 acres
  • 370 Units
  • 682 Bedrooms
  • 13,500 SF Retail
  • 22,670 SF Amenities